Lollar sharpens its focus with new Jazzmaster replacement pickup, the Blademaster

Lollar has introduced two new pickups, the Blademaster, a Jazzmaster replacement for electric guitars, and the Precision 90 split coil bass.

The Blademaster works as a direct drop-in in place of Jazzmaster-style pickups, and is designed to be fatter, hotter and have improved string balance.

The pickup features alnico bar magnets and an extra-long nickel plated steel blade pole piece that extends beyond the width of the strings for more balanced string response and coverage.

There’s also vintage style pushback lead wires and RWRP bridge for hum-cancelling operation in the middle position.

According to Lollar, the custom design and unique winding offers a fuller and broader tone than a traditional Jazzmaster-style pickup, without sacrificing bass string clarity.

The Precision 90 split coil, meanwhile, is built as two complete P-90 pickups wired together in series to function as a single, hum-cancelling split coil design. The result, says Lolllar, is the “punch of a P-bass with the growl of a P90.”

Each coil in the new pickup is wound hot and built with two custom Alnico 8 bar magnets and adjustable pole screws for a rounder top end and extra compression.

The Blademaster is available with parchment, white, black or cream covers for $145, while the Precision 90 is available with black or white covers for $185. For more information, head over to Lollar Guitars.