Get nearly 20% off these ultra-cool, limited edition Fender Player Stratocasters

Every guitarist needs a Strat in their collection and the Mexican-made Player Series is Fender’s answer to classic tones on a budget. Despite being several thousand bucks cheaper than anything made in their Corona Custom Shop, these electric guitars do little to compromise on build and tone.

With a five-way selector, the Player Series pickups cover an incredible amount of sonic ground and offer a decent amount of bark in overdriven settings. The recently redesigned two-point fulcrum vibrato bridge is also surprisingly stable for a vintage style trem, reacting well even when set up to float a la Jeff Beck. Other features include a modern neck profile, medium-jumbo frets, bent steel saddles, die-cast tuners and a contemporary 9.5” radius for easy bending.

Perhaps the best thing about this $549 Guitar Center deal is that it offers guitarists the chance to own a less conventional and more unusual type of Strat – this limited edition maple fingerboard run available in both Surf Pearl and Shell Pink in SSS, as well as a flamed maple-top Blue Burst in HSS at the same price.

The only downside is that cases are sold separately – but at this price that shouldn’t be a concern. Oh, and the offer ends today!